Topics Covered

Odd?Rod covers a variety of topics that are affecting our youth and students today. With so much going on in their daily lives, he provides a positive, motivating, inspiring message that encourages them to stay the course despite the obstacles they may be facing. Reassuring them that someone cares by providing them a platform to freely discuss the things that are directly impacting their lives.

Substance Abuse

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 21.5 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battle with a substance use disorder.

Suicide Prevention

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. Each year 44,965 Americans die by suicide. On average, there are 123 suicides per day.

Anti-Bullying states, 1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school. Most bullying happens in middle school. The most common types are verbal and social bullying.



Beating the Odds

Meet Odd?Rod

Motivational Storyteller ~ Inspirational Speaker ~ Lecturer

Roderick “Odd?Rod” Borisade has been motivating people with his life story of perseverance and courage since 2011. His stories explore a range of topics that include dealing with a drug-addicted mother, suicide, losing loved ones, race relations, and how he made it to and through college. He has toured over 500 colleges and earned many awards including APCA Spokenword Artist Of the Year (2018, 2016 and 2014). He received a standing ovation for his performance at a TEDxJacksonville conference which led him to become a speaker at the TEDxTuscaloosa’s 2017 conference. A true artist, he uses a variety of mediums to convey his passion. Rod brings the audience into an engaging and inspiring movie-like setting with ease as he shows the story he tells. The sincerity and fearlessness in his pieces proves that his message is much bigger than his wordplay.

“My message is important because it’s finding hope in the next generation, giving strength to people who were ready to give up, and saving lives.” ~ Odd?Rod


Rhythm and rhyme is a great effective way to reach most audiences. Odd?Rod has merged the two with his reality to help as many people as possible. His authentic approach has been pivotal in high schools and colleges across the nation to increase retention and save lives.

The Conversation

A poetic show of honest expressive dialogue that results in motivated minds and attainable hope. The story isn’t all dark as it has many humorous parts and hilarious real life stories. The basis and overall theme of the talk is perseverance. The platform for the show is a dialogue where the audience is encouraged to ask questions throughout the stories and poems. This type of inclusion brings the audience closer into the story and takes the show on an inspiring journey.

The Workshop

Odd?Rod now facilitates creative workshops to assist with the writing process and avoid writer’s block. The workshop, entitled “Lost Poems,” is designed to have the attendees dig deep into themselves and release undocumented emotions needed to create their strongest works. It is the very path that freed Rod from his darkest places. He feels that for everything that is taboo to discuss, there is art to create.

The Host

It's no small feat to manage a show schedule, entertain audiences while making performers and students, alike, feel comfortable and relaxed enough to share their known or secret talents. Going all the way back to college years, starting and hosting his very own open mic show at University of North Florida. With a comedic sense of humor, poetic rhyming delivery, and charismatic ability to get the entire audience involved he's the "hottest host" to hire for your campus.

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Odd?Rod shared his story with over 500 students, faculty, staff and community members during his three day residency. His personal testimony of the trials and tribulations he’s endured to get where he’s at today, instilled a sense of hope and self-determination for those he engaged with throughout his time in Jamestown. Your students will thank you!

Kayla C.
Director of Campus Life – Jamestown Community College

This amazing speaker came to St. Augustine High School. Watching the kids reaction to his poems brought me to tears. All these kids need is someone to talk to, someone to just listen and not judge. Many kids stayed after to talk with Odd?Rod and to share to each and every student that needed him. I am so happy these kids were able to reach out to him, I just wish that we had an Odd?Rod here everyday. Our students need someone to talk to, if we listen to them we can help them. Thank you Rod, I feel you made a difference for many of our students. I hope we can have you come back soon!

Kathy W.
PTO President – St. Augustine High School

Thank you Odd?Rod. I'm the girl you took a picture with and I kept asking questions. You're a great inspiration. You were great today and it's amazing how you can present your story and your past without any tears. I love your inspirational stories. You should keep doing your speeches because they help people. They helped me!

6th Student
Sebastian Middle

Student survey results asked for storytelling/poetry. After seeing Odd?Rod perform at APCA Nationals, my student group knew he was the right choice for Maryville. Through his poetry Rod speaks life lessons and valuable truths.

Doniqua F.
Student Activities Coordinator – Maryville College

That poem (Stay) saved my life a couple of months ago. I'm forever grateful for you and the messages you share. Thank you for being my light when I only saw darkness. Thank you for saving me. The video was beautiful and made me tear up a bit, but there is so much power behind all of your stories. I will definitely be sharing this.

Student – Amarillo College

Odd Rod was AMAZING! I had my doubts when we booked him but after the show, my doubts were over with. He was great! Very engaging, funny, professional, personable and had a great message for our students. I will be booking him again and he will definitely be making a trip back to Highland in the future!

Tyler D.
Director of Student Life & Housing – Highland Community College

Thank you for today's workshop. It was seamless. The feedback from English teachers has been positive. Rod was so good and approachable.

Duane R.
Workshop Participate

Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Corporate

Over the past 8 years Odd?Rod has toured over 600 cities around the country speaking to middle, high, and college level students. His program is also effective for speaking at rehabilitation facilities, detention facilities, and corporate engagements.

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Turning his poems into visuals has given Odd?Rod the opportunity to share his story worldwide for those yet to witness his message in person.

Her Wish

Her Wish

Stay (Suicide Prevention Poem)

Stay (Suicide Prevention Poem)

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The Hero Sermon

The Phobia

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The Listener

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Dump Me

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