Hometown Love

It’s such a rare occasion to get support in your hometown, especially if you’re from Jacksonville, Fl. I’m born and raised right here and I’ve witnessed people attempt to do events here with mediocre to no success. A lot of times, it’s the people who are expecting an audience at┬ásomething that they haven’t fully invested themselves in. I haven’t had a bad event here yet and I usually gamble everything that I have. My upcoming album release is no exception to that journey as advanced ticket sales have skyrocketed since I announced the event. I’m totally honored and willing to work even harder because I know that this type of success is bigger than me. The next local artist now has the blueprint to having a successful event. It’s really possible here if you work hard and develop your target audience. You have to prove that you have a great product by first…having a great product.┬áThat’s a whole other topic/blog but the point that I want to drive home is that the city supports things that deserve support. Make your event or product one of those things. See you December 7th for my 3rd Album Release at the Ritz!!