New Speakers

I get so tired of the shunning. It’s so stunning they ignore,

what will help the minds of those, who need it most and need it more

They see a poet and they pass, don’t want to hear the first or last,

rather skip that part of class because they don’t know what they have

But there is something here that’s sad, nobody’s doing all their math,

you see in truth the younger lads, need a message they can grab

Got no guidance, no direction, being raised by where they fall

Missing rearing and affection, sent outside without a cause

I got a permit for my weapon, down in Florida you can tote,

if you aren’t some type of felon, and you, aren’t seen as a dope

Made me somehow feel empowered, used to carry mine with haste,

I would always look around me, with that monster on my waist

You never know who’s planned to get you, bought this necklace to be shown.

If they felt that they can take it, I was set to get them gone

Never want to kill another but it’s a war zone in my county.

Young men there become the hunted when there’s not even a bounty

How astounding are the numbers of the murders in that town,

where you try to play your music and a tyrant guns you down

And the blacks have feared the whites, and the whites have feared the blacks.

And the brothers shoot their brothers, and their cousins shoot them back.

And traffic stops for Cadillacs aligned ignoring all the lights

so that those who died so wrong could at least, be buried right

This ain’t the dream of MLK, he must’ve had some nightmares too

Where they left the bodies out so that, the neighborhood can view

Here lies YOU beneath this sheet, this is for investigation,

Shoot your selfies for this scene, tag your current situations

I’ve grown tired and frustrated with our people on the news,

horizontal in the background showing nothing but their shoes

I search for clues to fix these problems, I don’t carry like I did

because I know that who I’ll shoot would likely be somebody’s kid

Won’t do a bid because I’m legal, had to keep myself alive,

they’ll let me discuss my actions on the evening news at five

When all the time I had this message that young men deserve to hear,

I used my mind to fight my battles, made my troubles less severe

Put my story in these poems, show them how I broke the line,

I figured if they follow dreams then they could trail me living mine

I want them driven, smart, and ready. I want them leaders, want them wise

I show them how I used my downs to catapult me to the skies

They’ll wrap their minds around these rhymes and redefine the word heroic,

For, there’s no future like our past and

There’s no speaker like this poet.