It’s amazing how staying focused on your dreams could make them fall in place. I used to wish to be on a stage when I was younger because I knew that I had something to do there. I watched Michael Jackson command the attention of thousands with his performances and wonder what a wonder that would be. I never would’ve thought that poetry would’ve been that avenue for me. It’s not one of the things that come to mind as a career choice for a young thug of my caliber. I couldn’t keep my mind off of writing after I wrote my first poem. I would run to my room every time I felt anything or wanted to feel anything. Poetry provided a world for me when I felt like I’d lost mine. Here we are years later and my work is bringing me full circle as it is used to help others. I was fortunate enough to leave my job and we are approaching a full year of me being self-employed. I was at peace with leaving when I left because I knew what I faced if I stayed. I couldn’t stay. I was  dying inside. As it stands, I have a full calendar of touring from January to April. Thinking ahead, hard work, and using the gifts that God gave me earned that. I’m about to release my 3rd album and over half of a 400 seat theatre is sold out at $30 a seat. That’s so major for a poet. I can’t tell you all how thankful I am that I believed in me enough to make you believe in me. You don’t ever have to worry about me forgetting where I’ve come from because in a lot of ways, I’ll remain there. I’m so thankful for everything.