The Pressure

Since I was in my 20’s, I’ve been pressured to start a family and have children by my family and other people. I’m from a place where the common goal for most people is to have a family. People seem to only start planning after they have to. I’m a bit different in that manner. I try my best to look ahead and direct my path accordingly. The childhood I never had has perhaps pushed me to pause on having children of my own at a youthful age. I had to help raise my siblings first off and then I needed to make sure I was stable enough to support a family. I have goals and dreams placed before those type of goals. People have the habit of making you feel wrong for living your life the way you see fit. A lot of times, they want you to go through the same situations they have to face so that they can say “I told you so”. I’m awfully glad that I waited because I have so much of this world I want to see on my own or with a significant other and I have the option to do that now. I sweep the pressure under the rug because nobody will be there to help me raise the very family that they pushed me to have. I will continue to live my life happily and share so much more with the child that I’ll choose to have when the time is right for me.