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Master Resilience. Overcome Adversity. Reach your Goals.

Compelling Keynotes

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Memorable Keynotes

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Engaging Workshops

I work with organizations to build resilience and strengthen communication. I've merged decades of experience with education, art, and storytelling to provide the most impactful presentations.


"You taught us how to be brave in that class." - Aidan B.

"You made an impact tonight, giving our students a chance to think about life differently." - Luke K.

"You are doing God's work and you're doing it like no one else out here." - Christopher M.

Dynamic Hosting

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Thought Provoking Talks


Who is Storyteller Odd?Rod?

A Spokenword Speaker who tells a real-life story of surviving childhood traumas dealing with absent parents due to addiction and neglect. He is on a quest to help people overcome adversity by adjusting their mindset and strengthening their mental health. He was only 13 when his older brother died and he considered suicide because of his depression. Writing poetry offered him an outlet that changed the course of his life and caused him to try harder at a better life. He remained driven towards his education and made it to college twice on full scholarships for both degrees (University of North Florida 05’ – Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Alabama 21’ Master of Arts). He is the 5x winner of APCA's Spokenword Artist of the Year award, has performed in over 800 cities, and encouraged thousands of people to "Keep Going". 


His use of poetry, storytelling, and multimedia provides a dynamically engaging performance that inspires all audiences. This show, "A Mind At Work" has been prominent in colleges, high schools, and middle schools as an effective tool to engage and encourage students for 10 years and counting.

Storyteller Odd?Rod has also proven perfect for keynote speeches in professional fields where individuals are inspired to reach their highest goals and become the best versions of themselves. His transparent conversations, creative insight, and insightful performances are framed by experience and education which creates a new wave of motivation for diverse audiences.



My ability is limitless when it comes to making an impact. I teach speak, perform, photo