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Engage. Educate. Empower.


Odd Rod motivates.

Forever forwarding messages of hope and resilience from experience. 

Keynote Topics

Community Building by Communication

Odd Rod displays the importance of story sharing and how it can be used to encourage positive change and connection in a professional environment. 


It's much deeper than grammar. This is a storied journey of poetry that starts from a suicide note to a life of stage performance across the country. This is an authentic presentation of perseverance used to evoke conversation surrounding suicide prevention.

A Mind at Work

A program that forwards how Odd Rod's story of emerging from childhood trauma and achieving major goals parallels that of Alexander Hamilton.

Empowering Stories

Odd Rod is one of the most dynamic inspirations of our time. His authenticism positions him to connect with audiences in each of his performances. The stories of resilience he shares are packed with life-altering lessons that uplift listeners. 

mandella - rise Up.jpg
mandella - rise Up.jpg
“ I am in awe of his passion for mental health, the arts and children, particularly those in marginalized neighborhoods. Through his artistry, he highlights these passions and offers messages of hope. It is inspiring!”

Lyndsay Rossman, Vice President of Marketing, JAXUSA

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