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"Our Poem" 

For inclusivity. 

"Her Wish" 

For Mom.

"The Professional" 

For self-awareness.


To prevent suicide.

Images and Impact

Kayla Crosby, Jamestown 

His personal testimony of the trials and tribulations he’s endured to get where he’s at today, instilled a sense of hope and self-determination for those he engaged with throughout his time in Jamestown. Your students will thank you!

Kathy W. PTO President

St. Augustine High School

This amazing speaker came to St. Augustine High School. Watching the kids reaction to his poems brought me to tears. All these kids need is someone to talk to, someone to just listen and not judge. Many kids stayed after to talk with Odd?Rod and to share to each and every student that needed him. I am so happy these kids were able to reach out to him, I just wish that we had an Odd?Rod here everyday. Our students need someone to talk to, if we listen to them we can help them. Thank you Rod, I feel you made a difference for many of our students. I hope we can have you come back soon! 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Anonymous Student, Amarillo College

That poem (Stay) saved my life a couple of months ago. I'm forever grateful for you and the messages you share. Thank you for being my light when I only saw darkness. Thank you for saving me. The video was beautiful and made me tear up a bit, but there is so much power behind all of your stories. I will definitely be sharing this.

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